SILATNAS 9 HPDKI President’s Cup 2023

PT. Bekaert Wire Indonesia is proud to have participated in the SILATNAS 9 HPDKI event on September 16-17 at the Sarana Olah Raga Jalan Harupat, Bandung, West Java.

The event was attended by thousands of visitors from all stakeholders of the goat and sheep farming industry, including the government, farmer associations, academia and universities, financial institutions, industry players and traders, business corporations, communities, media, as well as farmers and associations from countries such as Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore.

The event served as a platform for goat and sheep farmers from all over Indonesia to gather and exchange ideas to promote economic empowerment of the industry and collaborate together.

During the event, PT. Bekaert Wire Indonesia showcased Anoa®fence as Bekaert’s flagship product (Bekaert Fixed Knot Fence), which is an ideal solution for one of the main topics at the event, namely the optimization of sheep and goat breeding to increase availability of livestock in Indonesia.

The Anoa wire fence greatly supports the concept of free-range farming, which helps to optimize the breeding of sheep and goats.

Overall, PT. Bekaert Wire Indonesia hopes to contribute to the government’s program of ensuring the continuous and sustainable availability of livestock.